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Set of experiments

DOE, or experimental design, is the name given to the techniques used for guiding the choice of the experiments to be performed in an efficient way. With KIMEME you can save time defining very easily statistically efficient sets of experiments that cover the design parameter space in different ways. These experiments can be tested on your process workflow with ease, providing deep information about the behaviour and the characteristics of the project at hand.

Quick evaluation

Often the numerical simulations of your process can be computationally expensive (e.g. complex CFD simulations) and, depending on the computing budget, very few can be executed. In those cases, mathematical interpolation techniques called response surface methods (RSM) can be used to obtain approximate evaluations of the design response in unknown conditions. KIMEME supports several efficient algorithms for RSM (such as Kriging, RBF, Neural Networks, Adaptive Genetic Programming etc.) and guides you in the choice of the best modelling method.