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Local execution

Optimization processes can be very time consuming, requiring many simulations. Depending on the available cores, KIMEME can execute and supervise several multi-threaded simulations on a local workstation, in a single machine configuration.

Remote execution

Optimization and simulation processes can be integrated in a mixed environment, with local execution, remote execution on LAN and support of HPC queues into the CLOUD. KIMEME is fully integrated with the CAE HPC CLOUD systems provided by Penguin Computing. You just need to specify your login data and the number of instances on the remote queue.

Cloud Computing

In order to exploit all the computational power of your LAN, KIMEME includes a distributed evaluation and simulation control system that can fully exploit your computational resources, and even your HPC cluster.

Without ad hoc user intervention, KIMEME can remotely execute each simulation of the graphical workflow to specific remote computers, managing the exchange of information and files among processes. Automatically.