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CAE tools

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is nowadays an important tool in several engineering fields. In most cases, the design process consists of choosing the most suitable set of parameters that can meet some desired design goals or specifications. Optimization is defined as the process of choosing the best among several possible designs, in order to accomplish a defined goal. However, minimizing a specific cost function or maximizing a performance metric poses hard challenges, such as the number of variables involved in the process, the number of objectives -often conflicting- and the presence of non-linear constraints.

Problem solving

KIMEME is designed as a multi-objective multi-disciplinary optimization platform. With KIMEME, you can easily solve your optimization problems regardless the number of objectives at hands. KIMEME helps you identify the best set of equivalent solutions (the so-called Pareto Set) with ease. KIMEME is scalable and can handle optimization problems up to thousands of variables involved.

Graphic editor

The No Free Lunch Theorems (NFL) have dramatically changed the perspective in the design and application of optimization methods. The theorems state the non-existence of a universal optimizer that performs better than any other algorithm. Therefore, it is important to use different algorithms on different problems, to obtain the best performance. KIMEME includes a rich library of state-of-the-art meta-heuristics (such as NSGA-III, MOjDE, BOBYQA and BFGS, and many others) which are well-known for their performance and robustness. Moreover, KIMEME has the unique feature of including a graphical editor and IDE that allows you to easily develop new algorithms incorporating domain knowledge and leveraging the most modern advances in the field of computational optimization.