Ernesto Mininno @Microsoft House | EXPLORE TALKS

Want to know what KIMEME is and what it does? Our CEO explains it in a few minutes in a video made for EXPLORE TALKS | Scaling Up Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups, an event held at Microsoft House in Milan and organized in collaboration with GELLIFY and Swiss Business Hub Italy.


Ernesto Minnino – Cyber ​​Dyne CEO and Founder – during his presentation, he talks about KIMEME, the decision support software that thanks to the application of modern artificial intelligence techniques allows companies to solve problems and make their processes more efficient.

The speech explains how the software is so versatile as to improve business processes of various kinds: it helps to production planning and scheduling, to control logistics-production activities, to solve engineering design problems or to optimize the allocation of workforce.

From easily understandable examples to complex industrial cases, from the explanation of data analysis methods, to the definition of prescriptive Artificial Intelligence, KIMEME becomes useful and necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any business process.

Want to know how KIMEME can be the solution for your company?

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