Work Force Management

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Work Force Management

Imagine a company in which the employees always do their best, because the contribution of the workforce is always balanced to the workload and the goals. Kimeme WFM optimizes the management of the workforce processing the perfect workflow starting from a series of key variables: types of agreement, time constraints, mandatory rests, balanced shifts, production skills and persona abilities.

The user defines the parameters: Kimeme WFM analyses data and rapidly finds, among several possibilities, the best solutions in terms of covering and distribution of the workload, in relation to the goals of feasibility and efficiency.

Unprecedented flexibility

The high-quality algorithm of Kimeme WFM is highly scalable and able to easily adapt to any kind of situation. It can easily manage up to 1,000 workers on a specific task, but scales its resources according to the real use, thanks to the SaaS by Cyber Dyne or to the on premise hardware resources. No other WFM tool has the same flexibility in defining and solving the specific work force issues in any kind of company.

WFM - Organizzazione
WFM - Scheduling

Fast, reliable, economic

Once configured, Kimeme WFM does all the work for you: the optimization process is automatic and the results are available in real time. Thanks to the surprising computing capacity and to the stability of its cloud platform, all users can input, update and share data while in progress, without delays or interruptions. Moreover, the cloud-based operation resets the hardware and maintenance costs, with clearly tangible savings: each euro invested in Kimeme WFM produces in average a reduction of 9 euros in terms of efficiency.

What you can do with Kimeme WFM:

  • Possibility to execute optimized plans for multi-seat, multi-task and multi-line call centres;
  • Implementation of all types of agreements;
  • Totally customizable obligations, divided into hard – medium – soft (e.g. place limits, minimum separation among consecutive shifts, distribution of Sundays/free weekends, fair distribution of the morning/afternoon/night shift, weekly alternation, uniformity of shifts, etc.);
  • Support for shifts with specific obligations defined on personal base (obligations on input, output, daily hours, fixed periods of rest, etc.);
  • Car-sharing support and optimization of the planning of the agents traveling together;
  • Optimization of the hours of overtime, leave management;
  • Specific planning of the team.

It is the right tool for those who need:

To manage several employees considering the diversified legal and contractual obligations;

To optimize the resources of a team exploiting the skill values of each one of them to the maximum;

Challenge peaks of production balancing the workload;

Offer a 24/7 service always flawless, with equal shifts and sustainable workloads.

Technical specifications
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Work Force Management

Case study

An industrial group working in the field of services for companies has requested the use of Kimeme WFM to optimize the shifts of its employees, to reduce costs considering the contractual differences of the individual units and of the current welfare regulations.

  • Mapping of the employment contracts, of the company welfare regulations, the productivity of workers’ clusters, list of skills;
  • Forecast for the workload;
  • Building of a model that should optimize the shifts;
  • Pilot phase on 3,500 operators;
  • Extension over the whole organization;
  • Increase of margin thanks to a 5% decrease of costs;
  • Increase of the motivation of the personnel;
  • Improvement of the respect of company welfare rules (better distribution of shifts during the weekend, alternation of am/pm shifts, equal shifts, car-sharing with shared shifts, and distribution of workload).
Plans and licenses

Kimeme WFM è disponibile con licenza SAAS e on premise modulabile in base alle tue esigenze, in base al numero di operatori da gestire.

Richiedi una call con un consulente Cyber Dyne per studiare insieme la licenza più adatta alla tua azienda.


No problems with compatibility, hardware upgrade, data storage processing speed: with the SaaS license, Kimeme is quickly operational. The technical support CyberDyne accompanies you in its first setup and remains at your disposal for troubleshooting.

On Premise

The on premise license id recommended in case you want to use Kimeme to manage particularly sensitive data. The processing and storage of data are completely performed on your hardware, without external interchanges on the network. The CyberDyne team will assess with you the minimum requisites needed and will support you step by step on the setup and the use.

Proof of Concept

You are not sure Kimeme WFM can meet your needs? You can ask for a Proof of Concept with a team just for you. We’ll test Kimeme WFM directly on your company, working on a part of the plant limited but sufficiently complex.

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