Improved user experience to respond to specific needs of different targets.

We introduce ourselves to the public in a renewed guise: a new bilingual website created in collaboration with GELLIFY, the innovation platform, which aims to tell clearly and comprehensively the solutions offered to its customers.

www.cyberdyne.local has an intuitive navigation, structured for easy to understand sections, with a more effective and immediate communication of the contents that prefers a User Experience that mixes information and interaction.

The sections tell not only the company and its history, but what it does and how, through pages dedicated to KIMEME, the proprietary software that uses modern techniques of artificial intelligence as decision support to business processes.

Solving engineering design problems, programming and organizing production or optimizing workflows is not only possible but also simple and fast thanks to the help of KIMEME and its countless applications.

Practical case studies and the identification of specific needs by target, allow to have a complete picture of the solutions, whose knowledge can be deepened thanks to the possibility to request DEMO and additional information in a few clicks.

NEWS and EVENTS sections are of particular importance, constantly updated with in-depth analyzes, interviews and participation in the main events in the field of INDUSTRY 4.0.

Just subscribe to the newsletter and interact with the company social channels to discover that the word “solve” is now a reality thanks to KIMEME.

Good surfing!

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